5'' White Sage Bundle


California White Sage.

Burning sage, also known as smudging, is an ancient practice used in spiritual ceremonies to clear negative or stale energies.

This beautiful sage bundle is ideal for smudging people, places and things. Burn it daily to cleanse indoor and outdoor spaces, or burn it simply for the desired smell the smoke produces. Enjoy~

  • Shipping Policy~

    We will ship out your order within one or two business days. Our packages are shipped using Priority Mail and should arrive between two or three business days after being sent. Please direct any questions, comments or concerns you may have to blincoe22@att.net

    Thank you!

  • Care Instructions~

    The White Sage leaves in this bundle were properly dried and, when lit, will produce a powerful smoke that can burn quickly. We advise you to hold a lighter to the end of the bundle for a few moments, and then blow on it to intensify the burn. We reccomend having a stone or metal bowl handy to put your sage out in when you are finished smudging. Stone bowls also available in our shop🌿🧚‍♀️

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